Reverse NaNoWriMo (Redux)

via Reverse NaNoWriMo: A Helpful Tool for Winning NaNoWriMo | The Claire Violet Thorpe Express Last year, I wrote a blog post that detailed reverse NaNoWriMo, a tool I used to win NaNoWriMo 2016 (without using cheat codes or performance-enhancing drugs). I mean, it’s simple, as in, you just do your heaviest writing at the beginning of the month and gradually reduce the amount of … Continue reading Reverse NaNoWriMo (Redux)


Title: After Class Summary: Ten years after graduating from high school, a group of adults realize that the lives they planned aren’t exactly the lives they have now, so they seek to change that, not knowing that they weren’t meant to have successful lives at all. So, what’s this story about? Twenty-something crisis, meaning, these guys don’t know what life is until it hits them. … Continue reading NANOWRIMO DAY 6


Title: Redeeming Devon Kirby Summary: Diana Jones, a longtime fantasy reader, finally gets a chance to read Leslie Harlington’s controversial book “The Spirit Keeper”. After discovering what was wrong with the book, she decides to rewrite it and find a way to redeem the most hated character in the book. So, what’s this story about? Fantasy fan rewrites controversial novel. Why? After discovering everything wrong … Continue reading NANOWRIMO DAY 4


Title: February 30, 2012 Summary: In 2012, the month of February not only gains February 29, but also gains February 30. Something must have happened to make the dates change, but what is it? So, what’s this story about? February 29 and 30 are added to the calendar, which incites chaos as January, March, July, August, October, and December lose the 31st. Why? I don’t … Continue reading NANOWRIMO DAY 3


Title: The Silence of the Universe Summary: What happens when the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars collide? A group of space explorers find themselves in an intergalactic war and must negotiate a treaty or else all is lost! So, what’s this story about? Space explorers caught in intergalactic war must negotiate treaty. Why? Well, there’s an intergalactic war and if our heroes don’t … Continue reading NANOWRIMO DAY 2


Title: The Price of Imagination Summary: Megan Thompson is a bright girl, but her chronic shyness angers many of her teachers and classmates. After she is sent to live in a home for disabled people, Megan develops a story centering on a post-apocalyptic American society while trying to solve the mystery of why she can’t connect with other people. So, what’s this story about? It’s … Continue reading NANOWRIMO DAY 1