Tales from March 15, 2019

Once again, it’s time for some fun stories that take place on March 15, whereas on that day, Julius Caesar really should have paid attention to the soothsayer and stayed home. Staying home equals NOT BEING STABBED IN THE BACK!!!

Well, there’s the stories that will be featured on this blog.

1. The demand for a Silver Stones movie rises as Harry Potter is forgotten.

2. Jacquel Rassenworth does the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. In 1977, former President John F. Kennedy finally succumbs to his illness, leaving a nation devastated and Seamus blaming the nurse he had hired to help the older man. His son, Sean, thinks differently, believing that his father’s former male lover had killed the president.

4. Nichollo gets married and settled down while Hadassah returns to Russia. She and Czar Alexei II’s advisor clash over her treatment of the Smirnov family.

5. The issues that almost tore the United States of Fimbultyr are finally resolved, yet a mass suicide happens. The survivors quickly pick themselves back up and rebuild their country.

6. A planned Harry Potter movie is scrapped, no thanks to Artemis Fowl and his immense wealth. A riot breaks out among Harry Potter fans, prompting an emergency in Britain.

7. Many years after the destruction of the One Ring and the resettlement of Moria, Middle Earth faces a new threat. But they’ll have to solve that problem themselves, as their allies have to deal with their own problems.

8. After Skybolt Film Productions declares bankruptcy, the company’s president forces the studio to pay a refund to everyone who had watched “The Spirit Keeper” in theaters.

9. The invaders are repelled, yet humanity suffers some huge losses. The Ainysians initially blame a group known as the Sleepers, as they were repsonsible for almost destroying the Atlantean Empire.

10. The Eragon show on Netflix lasts four seasons until the studio producing the show pulls the plug.

11. The Ainysians seek to save the Civil Rights Movement when a group of people advocate sending the descendants of the slaves back to Africa.

12. The MovieWatching Trio debates the DC Cinematic Universe.

13. King Ishaan Washington celebrates his 10th year as King of Columbiana, yet the people want him to choose a bride. At the same time, however, his council clashes with President Grant.

14. Russia and the United States continue to clash while some ugly secrets about both countries surface.

15. The Washington family takes control of the United States, but it’s more “Game of Thrones” instead of the Kennedy family’s “Camelot“.

So, there you have it. Look for more details about these stories soon!


Title: After Class

Summary: Ten years after graduating from high school, a group of adults realize that the lives they planned aren’t exactly the lives they have now, so they seek to change that, not knowing that they weren’t meant to have successful lives at all.

So, what’s this story about? Twenty-something crisis, meaning, these guys don’t know what life is until it hits them.

Why? I’m sure that at least 85% of us don’t know what we’re doing wrong as opposed to what our parents did right.

Where? As of right now, I don’t know.

What? What is life but something half lived?

Outcome: At this point, I don’t know how this story will end.

And anything else? Will relate to anyone wondering if they wasted their life by not being productive.


Title: Hobbit Town

Summary: After watching the Hobbit movies, one man (who hates his life and has recently inherited a huge area of land from an obscure relative) seeks to remake a town next to the land resemble the Shire. The fun begins when many people find out about the project and insist on joining him.

So, what’s this story about? Harried businessman leaves Los Angeles, CA and builds a town inspired by Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies.

Why? After remembering his childhood growing up on a farm in Montana, a man moves back home and attempts to recapture missing part of his life.

Where? Montana (city name to be decided later)

What? You know what it’s about.

Outcome: Many people move to the town as soon as they find out about it.

And anything else? Based on life in random farming towns.


Title: Redeeming Devon Kirby

Summary: Diana Jones, a longtime fantasy reader, finally gets a chance to read Leslie Harlington’s controversial book “The Spirit Keeper”. After discovering what was wrong with the book, she decides to rewrite it and find a way to redeem the most hated character in the book.

So, what’s this story about? Fantasy fan rewrites controversial novel.

Why? After discovering everything wrong with the novel, Diana decides to remove all homosexual themes when homosexuality is being normalized and accepted.

Where? Florida.

What? Hated character gets redeemed by fantasy author; author gets commended.

Outcome: Most YA novels are scrutinized for offensive content.

And anything else? Well, all I can say is that maybe we should watch what we read and write.


Title: February 30, 2012

Summary: In 2012, the month of February not only gains February 29, but also gains February 30. Something must have happened to make the dates change, but what is it?

So, what’s this story about? February 29 and 30 are added to the calendar, which incites chaos as January, March, July, August, October, and December lose the 31st.

Why? I don’t know if it’s witchcraft or it’s something else. But I’m going to say that it’s probably someone sick and tired of the calendar.

Where? All over the world.

What? How did they take away the 31 from January, March, July, August, October, and December and give 29 and 30 to February.

Outcome: It’s the end of the world as we know it.

And anything else? Well, at least it’s still tomorrow in Australia.


Title: The Silence of the Universe

Summary: What happens when the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars collide? A group of space explorers find themselves in an intergalactic war and must negotiate a treaty or else all is lost!

So, what’s this story about? Space explorers caught in intergalactic war must negotiate treaty.

Why? Well, there’s an intergalactic war and if our heroes don’t negotiate a treaty soon, everything will be lost.

Where? Most of the action takes place in the Eridani Galaxy.

What? The crew of the ISS Excalibur (which is part of the Star Shield Star Forces) runs into a group of rebels on the spaceship The Leviathan during their war against the Empire of Suns.

Outcome: At this point, who knows?

And anything else? It’s a Star Trek/Star Wars  crossover.


Title: The Price of Imagination

Summary: Megan Thompson is a bright girl, but her chronic shyness angers many of her teachers and classmates. After she is sent to live in a home for disabled people, Megan develops a story centering on a post-apocalyptic American society while trying to solve the mystery of why she can’t connect with other people.

So, what’s this story about? It’s about a shy girl with no friends who is forced to move away from her home and family and live in a boarding house for disabled people.

Why? Megan is shy and doesn’t get along with anyone, so she is sent away.

Where? The story takes place in the Oak Knoll Sanitarium in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What? – Megan’s life has gone downhill since an incident happened to her when she was just 10 years old. Not knowing what was wrong with her, she withdraws into her won world, something that angers her teachers and classmates.

Outcome: As Megan tries to figure out what happened to her, she discovers that she was diagnosed with autism and was similarly isolated from the other children. She uses that as an inspiration for a story that takes place in a post-apocalyptical America.

And anything else? – Megan’s book becomes “The Sunless Palace”, which beats out J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone.”

There’s a Pearl in my Harbor

Last year, I wrote a story called “There’s a Pearl in my Harbor” for the Ophiuchus tales. In that story, a young man witnesses the attack on Pearl Harbor and the ramifications of aforementioned attack. I must warn you know, this story is not for the fainthearted.

This story is dedicated to those who fought and died on December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. May their deaths never be forgotten.

Winston Trichenberg glared at the sky; it was an unusually sunny day for December. Then again, he was a college student in Hawaii, as it were.

The date was December 7, 1941, and Winston was sitting in the cafeteria at the naval base in Pearl Harbor. He watched as many men and women walked by him, talking about things that he didn’t understand yet. He knew that war had broken out in Europe, and his uncles Demi and Bran and several of their sons had joined the fight against the evil German chancellor Adolf Hitler. Hitler had called for the elimination of the Jewish people, something that didn’t sit too well with the Trichenberg family. (The Trichenberg family was Jewish, so to speak.)

Without warning, Winston heard the sounds of airplanes flying over the base. He was unfazed, as he watched the planes take off and land on the base on a daily basis. However, this was no ordinary drill.

In fact, it was an invasion.

The country of Japan had decided to bomb the United States for reasons that Winston didn’t understand. Several years before, Japan had attacked its next-door neighbor China; many people decried the attack. Now the United States was being attacked by Japan.

Without warning, a signal went off and people were scrambling to their feet. bombs were falling on the base faster than you can say “We’re under attack!” As the people scrambled to get to their posts, Winston ran back to his bunker, where he kept his weapons. Pulling out his sword and bow, he climbed onto the roof of the bunker and began firing arrows at the invading airplanes. Some of those arrows found their target, with explosive results.

But it wasn’t over yet, as Winston and many others ran to another building, intending to defend it against the Japanese, but they never reached that area. The Japanese bombed them, with many people falling dead where they stood.

It was reported that 2,403 people were killed in the attacks and 188 American aircraft was destroyed. The attack led to the United States entering World War II; President Franklin Roosevelt called December 7, 1941 “a day that will live in infamy” as the United States declared war on Japan.

But this story isn’t over yet, as Winston had to put his studies on hold and join the navy in the fight against Japan. He spent four years fighting against a people that would have destroyed East Asia if they weren’t stopped. He also kept tabs on his cousins as they fought against Hitler.

(Of course, it would take Winston many years to recover from the attack on Pearl Harbor as well as him fighting in the Philippines. it took him longer to forgive the Japanese for the bombing that killed many of the people he knew.

I’m sure that even today, Winston is still dealing with December 7 whenever it came around, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.)

History tells us that war is a bad thing, but when we put a name and face on the people who witness these things, war gets personal. As the years passed, Winston would remember where he was during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He wept for those who died and spoke to those who survived. Yet he knew that one day, there would be a day when wars would be no more.