The Leroy & Elena Show: Game of Thrones Series Finale!!!

The Leroy & Elena Show: Game of Thrones Series Finale!!!
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The Game is over and your favorite vlogging duo (along with Ryan Stark and the cast of “Tea & Tolkien Thursdays”) are sobbing and ranting about the finale instead of giving credit where credit is due. But at least it had a better ending than the Harry Potter books/movies, so there’s still hope yet.

Remember, no spoiling the show until EVERYONE has seen the episode.

LPS Princess.Toy.Nerd update video

LPS Princess.Toy.Nerd update video
I’m giving you guys an update so that you’ll know what to expect in the coming weeks. With “Game of Thrones” ending tonight, I have to do something with my Sunday nights, so there.

The subject in question is about my upcoming series “Just Another Random LPS Video”, in which there is a high school drama, reality show, and skits all rolled into one video. If you like this idea, don’t forget to subscribe to me so you’ll know when I’m starting the series.

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Kevin MacLeod’s Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Just Another Random LPS Show Intro

Just Another Random LPS Show Intro
Here’s the intro for my new LPS show! Part reality, part high school drama, part comedy, this show follows the adventures of Susie Speckles (Snarky Susie) and her best friends Jaclyn Meyers and Amelia Cruz as they navigate the world of high school and deal with pop culture events along with the usual teen drama.

The show will debut in a few weeks.

The Leroy & Elena Show: Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5

The Leroy & Elena Show: Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5
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When the entire cast of “Tea & Tolkien Thursdays” gets an unexpected cold, Leroy and Elena (along with Ryan) have to review the show themselves. It’s not the same without Tierra, Kerrie, and Snarky Susie, which is why this video is so short.

Tea & Tolkien Thursdays: The Night Before “Tolkien”

Tea & Tolkien Thursdays: The Night Before “Tolkien”
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It’s the moment before “Tolkien” hits theaters, and the toys are all over this movie. Well, they would be talking about the movie if it weren’t for a recap of “Game of Thrones”, another chat about “Avengers: Endgame”, and even a witty little song that somehow escalates into (un)necessary violence. All while keeping Tolkien relevant. Meow!