Fandom Fridays: Happy Hobbit Day!


Tolkien Thursdays: 80 years of The Hobbit

Fandom News: September 8, 2017

In this episode, Snarky Susie and I talk about the movie “It”, Star Trek, Disney movies leaving Netflix, and Game of Thrones being released in 2019. Meow!

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“September 1, 2017” from Jacquel Chrissy C. May on Anchor:

Welcome to September 2017

And we’re back with another month!

OK, this month marks kids getting back to school as well as the inevitable end of summer vacation. But not to worry, everyone, as it’s not the end of the world if summer ends; we’re just heading into the fall season.

And you know what that means?

We get to eat fresh apples, go shopping for that perfect Halloween costume, and even celebrate Star Trek and Hobbits. (And why do I celebrate Star Trek and Hobbits? Because of Leonard Nimoy, of course!)

So, what does this mean for my blogging schedule?

It means that I now have to delegate my writing to certain days so I don’t get overwhelmed (as I’ve been getting swamped with various writing projects since March. Also, I have my YouTube channel to deal with as well as writings on various writing sites, so I can’t afford to be stressed out. I’ll let you know my writing schedule later.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the driver’s seat and get back to doing what I do best. And don’t worry, as I have other things to do so I’m not so chained to the computer and forced to work all the time. As they say, “All play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy.”

So, I’ll close this blog post now and I’ll see you later.

Listen to @JacquelChrissyM casting about ‘Tolkien Thursdays: Whatever Happened to that Character?’ on @ZCastApp

Game of Thrones, Season 7 Episode 7 Review

Tolkien Thursdays: Journey to Moria

In this YouTube video, Susie and I discuss Moria and why Balin never should have gone there at all. Feel free to watch and comment.

“August 18, 2017” from Jacquel Chrissy C. May on Anchor:

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