The Mayfly

The Mayfly isn’t the type of creature to be intimidated. She flits about, stinging anyone who dares to hurt other people with their own selfishness. No one can stop the Mayfly from exacting justice for the good and righteous people.

Let me tell you what happened when I saw the Mayfly…

I was just an normal boy who hated being in his own skin. For many years, I heard people tell me they would prefer me as a girl. As a result other manipulation, I began thinking that I should have been born a girl, that I was born in the wrong body and born the wrong gender. I was forced to wear dresses instead of pants and was forbidden to ride my bike or play video games with my friends. Instead, I had to play with dolls.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Someone in my family used that to take advantage of me, denying me the right to my own body. (When I told my parents what was happening, they grew angry and decided not to bring me over to my relatives anymore. I also had to see a therapist for several months to deal with the fallout from the abuse.)

But that didn’t make my pain go away.

I found myself bullying normal people, those who accepted the gender they had been born with. Yet I played the victim when I was called out on my bullying. The Mayfly saw me and she stung me so hard, I thought I would die.

But I didn’t. Instead, I saw a fairy staring at me, telling me that there was nothing wrong with being a boy and those who told me that I should have been a girl were only telling me lies. I should have known better than to believe their lies.

After that meeting, I had to apologize to everyone I had hurt with my cruel words and deeds. I also had to apologize to my parents for pretending to be something I wasn’t supposed to be. (Plus, I had yet to receive an apology from my relatives, but that’s a given.)

The Mayfly knows who you are, and if you step out of line, she will hunt you down and sting you to submission. She doesn’t play games with your life and neither should you.


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