Jon Snow Day blog post

Now here’s something that will get your attention:

Last year, on “Game of Thrones”, Jon Snow came back from the dead. But the significance of the day isn’t lost on us, but let’s take a look at what led to that point in time:

At the beginning of “Game of Thrones”, Jon Snow is introduced to the world as the bastard son of Ned Stark (even though we all know that’s not true!), and his life, while better than most bastards living in Westeros, isn’t exactly pleasant. Ned never seems to spend time with him, his siblings can only tolerate him, and Catelyn looks at him with almost downright hatred. (Shame she died not knowing that Ned was hiding a terrible secret from the world.)

Then Jon (looking for a chance to make his way in the world, signs up at the Night’s Watch, only to learn that it’s little more than a penal colony for thieves and other unsavory characters. Despite that, he bonds wiht some of his fellow watchmen and gains resepct for himself. (Well, he did stay amoing the wildlings for a while and gains some respect from them as well.)

After the lord commander is killed while on a scouting mission, Jon is elected 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. At the same time, Stannis Baratheon (who believes himself as the rightful king of Westeros) tries to sway Jon to his side by promising him to be the Lord of Winterfell, but he refuses. (Plus, a trip to Hardhome on the TV show all but exposes who he truly is to the Night’s King.)

But the hardest part of the story is when Jon is stabbed to death (just like Julius Caesar) and is left to die. Only a handful of watchmen (and Ser Davos Seaworth) are loyal to him and a large group of angry wildlings attack the Wall and take over. (That could happen differently in the books, however.) Plus, Melisandre uses her magic to bring Jon back, but he’s by himself when he makes his inevitable return.

And what date was that? May 1, 2016.

(Finally, you say. Something good finally happens in 2016!)

With that, you realize that since Jon was declared legally dead, he can’t be on the Wall anymore. Yet he joins forces with Sansa and helps to take back Winterfell from the evil Ramsay Bolton. (And he personally gives Ramsay the epic smackdown of 2016 until Sansa stops him.)

All right, I’m getting a little too far ahead, so I will cut this thing short. But a few weeks from now, I’ll be talking about R+L=J and what this means for the show. I’ll be back in about 20 minutes.

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