Fantopedia Update: Where’s the Magazine???

OK, so I know that you’re all asking me for the Fantopedia Magazine…hey, wait! Nobody knows about Fantopedia? Wow, what a shame. Really.

Anyway, someone asked me if I was still doing the Fantopedia Magazine, and the answer is, I’m going to start the magazine in the fall of this year. But details of the magazine will be on the Young Adult at Heart blog, as that’s mainly for my pop culture stuff.

So, what’s in the magazine?

Well, here’s a short list of what’s in the magazine:

Front Matter
– movie reviews (in which I write a short review of the movies that are currently in theaters)
– fantasy news (anything relating to fantasy and some science fiction)

Table of Contents
· short stories (just what the title implies. ranges from microfiction to 1,000 word stories)
· novel excerpts (1,000 words from a novel that I’m currently writing)
· featured articles (includes character interviews, world descriptions, author interviews
· book reviews (in which I review a fantasy/science fiction book I’ve read)
· encyclopedia (in which I write an article describing a part of my fictional world)
· essay (optional, but I do have a reason why I write something the way I write.)

Back Matter
– next issue (well, a sneak peek of what’s coming next month)

OK, you say, but how did you even think up the magazine?
I say, I first thought of making a literary magazine back in 2015, when the writing site Movellas featured a magazine writing contest.

And what was the subject of your magazine?
Naturally, I decided to write about the 9/11 series that I’m still working on.

And how were you able to accomplish this?
Well, I had to spend hours doing research on the years 2001 and 2002, as well as filling in the blanks because the 9/11 attacks never happened. But some things DID happen in 2002, so I can’t really ignore those events, or can I?

OK, when are you finishing the story?
At this point, I’m not sure, seeing as I’ve got a multitude of writing projects and some blogs to update. But the story will be finished nonetheless.

Speaking of which, how far are you along in the Life after 9/11 story?
Well, I’m currently at chapter 16, and I intended to stop the story at 20 chapters. I hope to finish the story by the end of this year.

So, what day do you plan to unleash the magazine?
I haven’t decided yet, but when I get closer to September, I’ll reveal the due date.

Anyway, that’s the state of the magazine. I haven’t abandoned the project, but I haven’t gotten around to set it up. If you want to subscribe, please let me know, as I’m going to be selling the issues on Smashwords.

Thank you for reading this blog post; I’ll be back with another post soon.

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