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Tales from March 15, 2017

Once again, it’s time for some fun stories that take place on March 15, whereas on that day, Julius Caesar didn’t heed that certain warning. For that, he was literally stabbed in the back.

Well, there’s the stories that will be featured on this blog.

  1. “The Silver Dreaming” series succeeds, making people forget about Harry Potter.
  2. Jacquel Rassenworth and the new Star Wars
  3. In 1965, two years after James Rogerson was killed instead of President Kennedy, Seamus LeSouse-Rowes discovers that someone in his family had sold Kennedy’s life to a dangerous cult.
  4. After World War II, Hadassah decides to go after the people responsible for her mother’s death.
  5. The United States of Fimbultyr is now in the 21st century, but a moral crisis may split it into two.
  6. Artemis Fowl’s movie is in theaters, but he gets angry when he read some particular bad reviews.
  7. When Jacquelyn forces Bilbo and the dwarves to destroy the One Ring, she unknowingly changes the fate of Middle Earth.
  8. The sinking of Atlantis involved forbidden knowledge. (AKA where did the Trichenberg family came from?)
  9. Fowl’s 11 gets an inevitable reboot.
  10. Atlantis now rules the world.
  11. After 13 million people are killed from a mysterious illness, Hitler is caught before his infamous suicide. He is brought to trial for his crimes against humanity.
  12. The MovieWatching Trio films a documentary about their lives.
  13. After the United States is firebombed in 1865, a young slave leads his entire town to Washington, DC.
  14. An Eragon reboot is announced by MovieMagic Films.
  15. The “Better Than Harry Potter” group welcomes several new members, some which had their own agenda on how to deal with Harry Potter.

Look for these stories to appear on this blog soon!