Away in England – Episode 2: Just Who is this Harry Potter person, Anyway? – Penana

In this episode, we see Lydia calling Harry Potter out as a fraud. Plus, she laughs at those who think Harry is a hero, as well as question the state of the entire wizarding world.

I don’t know about you, but I know for sure that Lydia is determined to turn Hogwarts on its head.

I’ll see you next week with the next episode. Until then, enjoy reading this one!

Away in England – Episode 1: A Day Where I Cannot Escape from my Fantasy – Penana

Happy February everyone!

As promised, I give you the first episode of an old fanfiction I had written in 2002. So if you would click the link that I provided you about this blog post, I would appreciate it. I will be back with another blog post and look for the next installment of “Away in England” to come out next week