Fake Movie Trailer

In the spirit of Christmas, I present to you a fake movie trailer that’ll really knock your socks off…

Elf on the Shelf movie trailer
written by Jacquel Chrissy May

[In a toy box where everything is good…]
Ryan: Yay! Christmas is coming! Can you feel it, Leroy?
Leroy: Dude, quit stealing stuff from Game of Thrones! And I don’t even know what a Christmas is!

[Little did the toys know that something evil was on the horizon…]
Tierra: Uh, guys, we have a problem…
Ryan and Leroy: What is it?
Tierra: You’re not gonna believe this, but look at the shelf.
Kerry: What’s on the shelf?
<a toy elf is seen on the bookshelf>
Leroy: What are you guys looking at?
<toy elf stares at the toys>
Ryan: What is that thing?
Tierra: I don’t know what it is, but it’s staring at us. And it’s really creepy.

[But that wasn’t the least of their problems…]
Ralph: Hey dude, check out this cool video I saw on Facebook!
Marty: Sure!
<toy elf stares at them>
Marty: Or maybe not.

Savannah: (on the phone) And you won’t believe what Pammy did today…
<toy elf stares at her>
Savannah: On the other hand…maybe not.

Kevin: All right! I get an entire day to waste watching that new show my friends are talking about!
<toy elf stares at him>
Kevin: Well, I guess I won’t be watching any TV today.

[As the elf on the shelf’s reign of terror continued, the toys were at their wit’s end…]
Tierra: I don’t know about you guys, but that elf has got to go!
Everyone: Yeah!
Ralph: I haven’t been on Facebook since that elf showed up.
Kevin: And I never got to watch TV either.
Kerry: That thing is a menace!
Laurie: But it’s so cute…
Leroy: Don’t fool yourself, Laurie. That toy is pure evil.
<toy elf stares at them>
Elf: Is that all you think I am? (Laughs)
Ryan: OK, this is terrifying.

Tierra: Who are you and what do you want? (Toy elf laughs)

Walter: I don’t like this!
Marty: Me neither!

Kerry: Why are you like this?
Savannah: Yeah! What are you, a spy?

Elf: Well, it’s too bad, as I’m going to be here for a long time!! (Laughs)






Elf: Did you see those guys? I just stared at them and they all started freaking out!
Snarky Susie: Yeah! Those guys are such patsies! (Laughs)
Elf: I’ve noticed. What a bunch of fools! (Laughs)
Snarky Susie: You and I are going to get along just fine.

Now, let’s hope Hollywood makes this into an actual movie!


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