NaNoWriMo Day 8

If you want to be productive on this election day, then forget what you think about the election and get some work done. the political problems of this country can wait another month.

now that that’s out of the way, i realize that I’m almost finished with part 1 of the anthology.  of course, the first part of any story is ALWAYS the hardest to write, as you’re setting everything up for the rest of the story.

here’s what i have so far:

  • Disclaimer – completed
  • Introduction – completed
  • Part 1 Beginning – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 1: The Asperger’s Files – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 2: The Original Teen Rebels and Sheila Baines – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 3: All in One Death – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 4: Part 1, Chapter 4: Temmy & Venus: Rebels or Rockers? – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 5: “The Spirit Keeper” and the Bible – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 6: The Dead Children Magical Universe – completed
  • Part 1, Chapter 7: The Main Seven Tragedy – currently being written

Well, I’ve decided to put up what I have written so far on Smashwords, so here’s the link:

As for the word count: I’ve written 2,527 words, bringing the word count to 23,447 words. so close, and yet so far.


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