NaNoWriMo 2014: Confessions of a FanFiction Addict

The seventh story (and the second-worst story I have written):

16-year-old Noelle Forbes is obsessed with the Silver Stones series; she spends most of her time writing fanfiction about the Silver Stones and her favorite character, Dylan Drake. Yet when her English teacher tells her that fanfiction is a waste of time and creativity (and she’s failing English), Noelle realizes that she needs to deal with her fanfiction addiction.

The reason why I wrote this particular story is because I want to bring up the issue of fanfiction and if it’s actually creative writing or are you just stealing from other people. After all, fanfiction is just playing with someone else’s toys, and why would you want to play with someone else’s toys when you can always get your own? I’m just saying.

Anyway, to take away attention from the real issue of fanfiction, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if your English teacher gives you an assignment, don’t turn it into fanfiction. Noelle learns this the hard way when she turns in a piece of creative writing which features her favorite character and the teacher gives her an F on the assignment. When her secret fanfiction habit is exposed to her parents, she feels embarrassed and upset because she was using fanfiction to escape from her problems.

And if you’re using fanfiction to escape from your problems, you need to see a professional therapist immediately. I’m not kidding when I say this because online escapism is starting to claim more and more lives every day. If you find yourself spending more than six hours reading fanfiction, get off the computer (or phone or tablet) and get some help. Nothing on the internet, not even fanfiction, is worth your life

I am currently in the process of rewriting the story so I can have it ready by next year. I’ll be back tomorrow with another story.


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