NaNoWriMo 2013: Janette Lennox

The sixth story (and my second favorite):

13-year-old Janette Lennox doesn’t fit in at the boarding school she is currently attending. Yet on her 14th birthday, she is sent to the famous Garmaris School of Alchemy & Magic. As Janette finds her classes and makes new friends, she discovers that she’s part of a controversial magical legacy.

I must say I really enjoyed this story, as anything fantasy related seems to speak my language. (To be honest, I don’t know why I can’t write realistic fiction to save my life, but that’s for a different blog post.) But I can’t help but wonder if I wrote a book that’s better than Harry Potter.

I know I haven’t finished up the story, but I have a few more chapters to write before I edit it. At the same time, I’m dealing with a slight writer’s block with the story and I’m not sure which way to go right now, which is why I haven’t finished the story yet.

Before I go any further, here’s what I have to say about what the story is about.

As I’ve said before, Janette does not fit in with the students at her current boarding school, which is why she was sent to a famous magical school. Of course, before the story began, Janette’s father and a group of men stole a very famous yet evil book from a wicked witch and brought a terrible curse upon themselves. Janette’s parents were forced to leave her at a church boarding school. Yet when she turns 14 and admitted to a magical boarding school, she discovers that her parents and several other people have been secretly working to stop evil witches from controlling the world.

I’m sure you’re all crying, “this is a Harry Potter rip off! how dare you!” but I know that Janette is more confident than Harry ever was. Plus, I know she will succeed on her own merits instead of luck and more talented friends, but you don’t care about that, do you?

Look for the story to appear on Smashwords next year. I’ll be back tomorrow with another story.


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