NaNoWriMo 2011: Life, Sin, & Blood

The fourth story (and my favorite):

Nadia Coffey, a popular girl, loses her parents in a mysterious fire; she, her twin brother Drew, and younger sister Chelsea move in with relatives in Charleston, South Carolina. While attempting to fit in her new school, Nadia meets a vampire named Adam Norwood; they end up going on a magically epic adventure.

I’m not going to give out too much information about this story because most of you should already know what it’s about.

I came up with the story’s title in 2004, but since no story came during that time, I had to abandon it. Yet when I fell into the Twilight fandom, it soon hit me. I had to write this story as a paranormal romance.

To start, Nadia never liked the Twilight books and she often bullied those who do. She should have known that karma doesn’t like bullies and karma came and slapped her in a big way. (Mainly by taking her parents away from her via a house fire and sending her to stay with estranged relatives in South Carolina.)

While she tries to fit in her new school, she winds up meeting a vampire who clearly doesn’t like her. And the rest was history.

Oddly enough the story is one of the most popular stories I have written so far, which is saying something about my writing career. I know many of you are clamoring for the story to be finished, but I have two more chapters to write before I edit it and get it ready for publication.

So you’re going to have to wait until next year.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another story.

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