NaNoWriMo 2009: Cosplay! The Novel

Here’s the second story I wrote for NaNoWriMo:

14-year-old Nicholas Blue Prater moves with his family from Owasso, Oklahoma to Pacific Grove, California during the year 2003. At his new high school, Nicholas befriends a group of misfits and discovers anime and cosplay.

Okay, this was my second story, and it appeared to be better than the first. But I’m going to admit that it wasn’t easy writing about a boy who like cosplaying. As far as I know, most guys wouldn’t cosplay at all.

But Nicholas isn’t like most guys; in fact, he’s one of those guys that keeps to himself and doesn’t bother anyone. Yet, his shyness gets him in plenty of trouble with the other students, who don’t appreciate him not talking to them at the school. According to him, most kids who don’t talk to others find themselves beaten by angry classmates. The teachers usually turn a blind eye to the beating and shake their heads, wondering why the kid being beaten refused to talk to the other kids to begin with.

When Nicholas discovers anime and cosplay, he immediately embraces the Japanese subculture, not knowing he’s ignoring his own heritage. As he and his new friends navigate various Japanese subcultures, Nicholas discovered some things about him that conflict with what his family grew up with. his mother’s legacy forces him to atone for what his ancestors had done.

Of course, this is a lesson in what is commonly known as cultural appropriation and the dangers of ignoring one’s heritage while embracing another ethnicity that isn’t yours.

Because of the many subplots that didn’t make sense, I’m going to give this story a major reboot. Next year, I will manage to complete it.

I will return with another story tomorrow.


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