Why Do People Think Fan Fiction Is a Good Idea?

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I hear fan fiction has gotten a lot of bad press over the years for being little more than an outlet for bored people to relieve their boredom by writing bad stories about their favorite characters from their favorite books, movies, and TV shows. But not all fan fiction is bad, right?

Let’s think about it. If fan fiction were as bad as people claim that it is, then it would probably be outlawed. Meaning, you could be arrested for writing fan fiction. Plus, it doesn’t help to know that 99% of all the fan fiction on the internet is unfit for reading.

So why do people write fan fiction if most fan fiction is unsuitable for reading?

Well, fan fiction has no restrictions, and without restrictions, people are free to do what they want to do with their favorite characters. They can get rid of characters they don’t like, make their favorite characters do things they wouldn’t do in the story, and even put themselves in the story. I have done all three of these things a long time ago, and I’m kind of guilty over that. (My fan fiction has since improved now that I know what I’ve done was dumb.)

But why is fan fiction a good idea?

Well, let’s look at the term. Fan fiction is a piece of fiction written as an homage to a person’s proffered fandom, be it a TV show, a book, a movie, etc. that’s all. Anything else is untrue. But so much fan fiction can happen when people don’t get what they want in a story.

Yeah, we know what fan fiction is, but is it a good idea?

Sure fan fiction can help kill writer’s block and get you invested in your favorite fandoms and you can be a part of the fandom community, but there’s a problem with that: once you join a fandom community, you can’t escape from it. Even if you try, escape is almost impossible. I have already experienced the difficulties of trying to escape from a fandom before, so I know how handle the problems that arise in a fandom.

With all of that, is fan fiction a good thing? Well, here’s my answer: I’m going to say yes…and no. Yes, as it is a temporary way to kickstart your writing career, but no because I wrote original fiction BEFORE I wrote fan fiction.

Now you know.


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