10 ways fan fiction can suck the life out of you

When it comes to fan fiction, it can go both ways: it can be a medium used to pay homage to your favorite book/movie/TV show, or it can be a soul-sucking addiction more dangerous than drugs and alcohol combined. Fan fiction has gotten a bad rap over the years for its bad grammar, poor story writing, and being little more than an outlet for teen girls and bored housewives, but it’s more than that.

In fact, here’s 10 ways that fan fiction can destroy your soul:

10. 99% of fan fiction is very bad. I wrote a series of bad fan fiction stories just to illustrate how bad fan fiction could be.

9. OOC (out-of-character) behavior will destroy your perception of your favorite characters. Don’t ask; just stay away from OOC behavior.

8. The never ending work-in-progress. When you read a work that hasn’t been updated in several weeks, months, or even years. (guilty as charged, but I have my reasons.)

7. Bad grammar or poor plotting. No response, as I try to correct my stories (fan fiction or not) whenever I can.

6. WTF happened here? Well, I have no words for this.

5. Bad pacing. Again, no words, as I don’t want to talk about it.

4. Not enough fan fiction in your favorite fandom. I’m a part of a fandom that isn’t popular. This makes me sad. Why is there thousands of Harry Potter fan fiction when lesser fandoms are forced to suffer from not being popular.

3. You can’t escape from a fandom, especially if it’s huge. I was able to escape from the Harry Potter fandom a few years ago and don’t write stories for that fandom anymore.

2. If you fall out of love with a fandom, you might feel guilty. I will admit that I had difficulty dealing with me quitting Harry Potter, but everything got better when I started writing original fiction. It took me a while before I jumped into another fandom.

1. You might find writing original works stifling. As a rule, I’m very creative when it comes to these things, or writing original works is not a problem for me. But if you spend most of your time writing fanfiction, writing original fiction will be difficult.

OK, I’m not trying to deter you from fanfiction, or maybe I am. But remember that I’ve been down that road before, so maybe I can help you so you don’t end up like me.


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