The Harry Moffer Parody Project: The Satire That Will Destroy Your Love for Harry Potter

In 2009, I made up a story called “Harry Potter & the Story That Made No Sense” on In that story, Harry Potter ends up quitting his part as the boy-who-lived and another boy was forced to take his place.

Well, I had to scrap that story, as it was ahead of its time and a load of crap. But the idea stayed with me, knowing that I refused to let that idea die, I decided to take that crazy idea and turn it into a parody of the Harry potter books.

Thus, the Harry Moffer Parody Project was born.

In that story, Harry Moffer, a 14-year-old loser, is taken from his boring ad normal home and sent to the pathetic school known as Warthogpox High School. There, he makes new friends and fights against the evils of children’s book clichés. Yet when he discovers that a book was written about him, harry and his friends Pun and Hildegarde decide to hunt down the author responsible for the bad books and destroy him before the books are turned into a movie.

Also, the story address plenty of problems with the Harry Potter books, such as Harry’s lack of empathy, lack of character development, and J.K. Rowling making things up as she went along. Plus, the story illustrates everything wrong with the Harry Potter fandom and why we never should have bought into that hype in the first place.

Of course, Harry, Pun, and Hildegarde must fight against Larry Dobber fans, crazy headmasters, cruel men, and even the author K. P. Tipling himself to make the reading world safe for everyone.

So there you have it.

I’ve already published Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever, but the sequel is still up in the air as I try to knock it into place. I hope to have the next three books completed so I can get to book number 5 next year.

Now you know.


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