Blog Update: NaNoWriMo Nightmare #1

Here’s my first update for the blog known as NaNoWriMo Nightmare.

This month is dedicated to the story And You Thought Your Family Was Weird. This story deals with Kristin Fernando, a teenage girl who is sent to stay with relatives in Arizona while her parents go through a very bitter divorce. Following an unmentionable incident at her high school, Kristin has been banished from the school and ends up losing all her friends.

To make matters worse, Kristin (a social media addict) is forced to go to a new school where the usage of social media websites is banned. Yet all she talks about on her blogs is her desire to have a normal family, something she isn’t getting with her weird cousins. But when a dirty secret about her is revealed, Kristin must learn to set aside what she really wants and focus on what she has in front of her.

The month of January is about Kristin and the world she lives in, not to mention my opinions about social media and which sites I use.


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