A New Year Has Arrived!

Hello, and Happy New Year, everyone!

As we celebrate the beginning of a brand new year, I would like to remind you all of what the blog is about so you won’t be surprised. This blog is, once again, a blog in which I will talk about my various writing projects and everything having to do with writing. Plus, this blog is being updated, as I’ve decided to expand my writing endeavors and republish several published stories.

Also, during the past year, I noticed that I’ve started slacking off on various writing projects. To combat that, I will focus on what the project is about and everything that goes along with the project.

Also, I will make sure that my stories “Cthulhu Returns” and “The Summer of Our Discontent” are rewritten and republished.

As for the Harry Moffer Parody Project, I will have to completely revamp the second book as well as make some editorial changes to the first book. I’m planing to write book number 4 this year and I can’t do that without knowing where the story is going. Plus, some characters will  be fired from the project, but that’s a given.

As for the fan fiction, I’m going to put the breaks on the blog Fan Fiction Fridays, as I’ve apparently outgrown the blog. Also leaving the blogging world are the Twilight Fun Blog and The Write Stuff. The Fantasy Central Channel is getting a much-needed update and The Blog That Makes No Sense and the Charlie Bone Blog are being reedited as we speak.

Anyway, here’s to 2016, where anything can happen, writing or otherwise.


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