NaNoWriMo 2015 (Day 4)

OK, so I’m quickly getting closer to 10,000 words being written in this story, but it’s kind of not enough. Yet the story is starting to fall in place, which is good. It’ll probably be on December 29th when everything starts to come together.

Now Kristin has another hurdle to go over, which is her father finding out about her Nikki Dreamer blog and him ordering her to delete that blog or else she’ll be shipped off to military school. And this is coming from a father who neglected his daughter and cheated on his wife with another woman. See what happens when we fail to pay attention to our children and their needs?

Not to worry, he’s not going to be in the story for very long, anyway.

Also, Kristin seems to treat her diary, which she names Laura, as one of those annoying girls who wants to know your business and they won’t stop whining until you tell everything that’s going on with you. Even if you don’t feel like talking to her, she will demand some answers from you. This thing of her not wanting the diary and yet he wanted to be on social media despite her parents insisting that she doesn’t need to use social media will be running throughout the story, but it’s not the main theme.

The main theme will take place in the next chapter, but I’m not giving it away just yet.

Anyway, my stories Cthulhu Returns and The Summer of Our Discontent are currently on hold, but Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever is available on


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