JuNoWriMo Day 13

Almost finished with chapter 5, and it looks like the story gets another chance at life after all!

As I’m hurrying to finish this chapter and move on with the story, I now have three storylines that are as follows:
1. Jennifer and her friends want to watch the Anastasia cartoon despite the fact that they’re not allowed to watch cartoons at all.
2. The girls must deal with Lisa Brooks, who is trying to break up their friendship.
3. The girls must deal with growing up, which means them slowly drifting away from each other.

I’m not really including the issues involving Davina and Shawnee for several reasons, other than to give the girls a bit of confrontation. Also, this story is really about friendship and everything that goes with it. Not bullies. (I’ll have them written out of the story soon enough.)

But for now, I have a lot to go before I write the two words “The End”.


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