JuNoWriMo Day 12

And now, I’m about to break an unwritten rule of adolescence: Jennifer tells her parents about Lisa.

In most YA stories, kids never really run to their parents for help, which is something that could really put the parent-child relationship in jeprody. The kid doesn’t trust their parents enough to help them, and so many problems could have been prevented if kids just learn to throw away their pride and ask for help.

(Same principle works for adults)

Anyway, Jennifer tells her parents about Lisa and they’re not too happy about the whole thing. It doesn’t help the situation that the principal doesn’t seem to care about his students’ safety around the bullies, and if enough parents start complaining, then he will have no choice but to give in to demands.

Which is what we want to see happening in this story.

Anyway, breaking the rules of YA literature feels a bit liberating. Perhaps too liberating. I know I’m going to pay for that eventually.

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