JuNoWriMo, Day 8

Still struggling with chapter five, not knowing which direction to take. I already dropped an unnecessary plot line, what more does this story need?

Mayhaps it’s time for an example of how Lisa treats the Fab Four.

In chapter 3, Lisa puts Nancy, Spenser, and Oriana down because they don’t fit her definition of the word “normal“. Lisa also tells Jennifer that she needs to leave her friends and find some new friends, friends that Lisa likes. (Don’t worry, I’ll have this thing resolved later on in the story.)

But now, I’ve written a piece where Lisa calls Oriana a disgusting name and a teacher overhears. Lisa doesn’t deny it, but she rails against the teacher anyway, demanding that Oriana be kicked out of regular class and sent to the special Ed classroom, which is away from the general school population. (FYI, Lisa, you don’t get to run the school any way that you want.

Better save that for chapter 6.)

Spenser calls Jennifer (who is still home sick) and tells her of that incident, prompting Jennifer to immediately call off being sick and go back to school, where the Fab Four plot to confront Lisa regarding their friend. (I’ll have to restart my segment on Fantasy & Aspergers just so I can deal with Oriana’s case.)

And that’s not going to happen unless I get done with chapter five.

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