JuNoWriMo, Day 4

Another day of changing storylines…I mean, writing the story. At this point, I’m just going to create a new story altogether, which shows how the girls’ friendships is beginning to deteriorate and how it nearly falls apart, no thanks to Lisa Brooks and her minions. Jennifer may be the main character of this story, but Oriana is the true hero. She may have Aspergers, but despite that, she remains a loyal friend to the other girls and even attempts to turn an enemy into a friend. (Plus, she stands up to Lisa several times throughout the story.)

So, as for the chapter, a week passes and Lisa is slowly trying to take over the school. The Fab Four is trying to fight her off, and Jennifer ends up getting sick in class. She tells her parents what is going on and faces the wrath of Lisa herself.

Now you know.

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