NaNoEdMo, Day 23

I totally wish that people would stop asking me to “cease & desist” writing something, especially when the story hasn’t even been fricking published yet!!!

Just yesterday, I received a message, saying, “as much fun as it was reading your parodies of original songs, I really would appreciate it if you wrote some songs of your own and quit making fun of the original songs. You’re a sad, sick, stupid person who has nothing better to do than to make fun of other people’s songs all day.”

Here’s what I have to say, “look here, Mr. or Mrs. Troll, I do whatever me I want, whenever I want. You’re stupid and if you think I’m going to stop doing what I’m doing just to “please” you, you have another thing coming.” (I hope this person is banned from the internet; they have no right to troll me, especially since I’m not even using half the parodies in my stories to begin with.)

Well, I am rewriting most of the songs used in the story, so that’s all fine and dandy. But I really wish that people would just leave me alone. What I write about is my business, and that’s final.

(If you have been a victim of trolling due to what you put in your stories, please comment)

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