NaNoEdMo, Day 22

While there is conflict at Warthogpox High, Harry is punished by the way of being sent to the “reject’s paradise”, where the school’s rejects are gathered. Scores of students protest this punishment and Tarcey and Junia (who caused the punishment to happen) are shunned, scorned, and hated.

Also, a group of girls who are very knowledgeable about an obscure part of history plot to force that knowledge of that history upon the entire school.

And you’re wondering to yourselves “is there some teacher out there who will put an end to this nonsense”? Not to worry, as I’m planning to rewrite this story (plus some of the songs) and do it in a way that it makes complete sense.

My books Cthulhu Returns, Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever, and The Summer of Our Discontent are available on



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