NaNoEdMo, Day 19

Now that I’m here, I say that it’s time for me to be thinking about Camp NaNoWriMo, where I spend the next month writing a novella (as opposed to writing an actual novel). I haven’t really decided which story I’m going to write just yet, but I know that it’s going to be a 25,000 word novella.

I already know I’m going to be continuing my Harry Moffer parody, but this time, Harry deals with the events of his sophomore year at Warthogpox High School. He still has to get over the events of his freshmen year, which include putting an end to BOTH the Larry Dobber and High School Singalong craze that has swept the school. Plus, the Teasleys are angry with him and for some unknown reason, he is being stalked by some crazy guy who claims to know his late parents.

On top of that, he has to deal with a twin brother named Hunter.

What happens next is up to me.

My books Cthulhu Returns, Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever, and The Summer of Our Discontent are available on


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