NaNoEdMo, Day 14

Continuing from yesterday’s blog post regarding fanfiction, Noelle learns another harsh lesson when she discovers that Real Person Fiction is just as bad as fanfiction, as the person in question could possibly sue the fanfic writer for libel and/or slander.

That lesson comes in the form of a classmate who writes fanfiction of her fellow students, casting them in a rather unfavorable light. She also gets a “F” on the assignment and a lecture from the teacher explaining his views on fanfiction and how too much fanfiction can clog your creative heart.

Noelle knows that that story isn’t going to end there.

She gets another unexpected surprise when her secret club shuts down due to everyone in the club reading a brand-new book series. Noelle fears that she would never be able to fully give up her favorite book series, not when she gave it up in her dreams. She finds herself going through fanfiction withdrawl and is forced to join a support group for fanfiction addicts like her. 

This is where I leave off. 


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