NaNoEdMo, Day 13

Finally on Chapter 9 of this story that is all over the fricking place, and that was where I had to stop. I could not go any further than that, knowing that it was a bit too lame for even a child to read.

Here’s the events of that chapter:

Noelle is allowed back at school, but is under probation. She is also forced to wear regular clothes instead of her usual black clothes.

Her blog takes off quickly, but it was a bit too late for her: she gets an “F” on an essay and an order to rewrite it, as the essay contained Dylan Drake fanfiction. (Plus, she exposes a student who writes Real Person Fanfiction, which was also bad in itself. Think: Tabloids.)

Noelle learns a hard lesson about plagiarism when she is forced to rewrite her essay; the teacher even writes her a letter explaining why her essay recorded that bad grade and an order to stop writing fanfiction for her essays.

At that, Noelle’s life suddenly goes down the drain and not even exposing a student who treats the class as fodder for her own twisted stories is enough. The teacher puts an end to all fanfiction, claiming that fanfiction is nothing more than the junk food of literature.

I’ll have more on that subject tomorrow.

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