NaNoEdMo, Day 11

After receiving a crapload of angry letters from people who had relatives in mental hospitals, I was forced to delete that part of the story. I now have to do something else regarding Noelle’s fan fiction addiction.

Also, Noelle has a conference with an alternative version of herself, the her she could have become had she never touched “The Silver Stones” or had gotten rid of the books when she had the chance. Her alternate self suggests finding something new to do with her time, and to throw away anything having to do with “The Silver Stones”.

While Noelle is deciding whether or not to completely give up on fanfiction, her room is ransacked (supposedly by Marina) and all her fanfiction is gone. Celeste is blamed for the crime and immediately carted off to jail, but not before yelling threats at Noelle.

Well, there goes the holidays.

Noelle sinks into yet another depression, but instead of diving into fanfiction, she resorts to reading A Christmas Carol instead.

But will she truly beat her fanfiction addiction for good? Stay tuned!

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