NaNoEdMo, Day 10

I’m still on chapter 8 of “Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer”, and Noelle’s visions are getting worse; she imagines herself in a padded room, being forced to read and write fanfiction. She soon learns that the fanfiction is taking away her hero’s life force, so she is forced to make a very tough decision: does she free herself from that addiction, or does she continue it?

Just to be sure, I’m not giving out the answer. Not yet.

Anyway, Noelle’s family, realizing that Celeste has become a danger to herself as well as Noelle, have decided to have her committed to a mental hospital before things get worse. Noelle’s younger cousins protest, but no one bothers to listen to them.

Also, the Thanksgiving holidays are here, and what is Noelle thankful for?

Her sanity.

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