NaNoEdMo, Day 9

I’m now on chapter 8 of “Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer”, and Noelle has a disturbing vision of herself being trapped in a padded room. The padded room represents her addiction to fanfiction, which is controlling her entire life. But that’s not the only problem that she has.

Every website dedicated to the “Silver Stones” has been erased from the Internet, meaning that Noelle can no longer access her favorite websites. Plus, she and Marina get into yet another shouting match, with Marina threatening to hurt Noelle until another student intervened.

Noelle accidentally admits that Celeste had hit her in the face with a belt, which resulted in a trip to the nurse’s office and eventually forced to leave school until she was looked over by a doctor.

She laments the coming thanksgiving holiday, knowing that she spent most of the holidays with her nose buried in the Silver Stones books. She has yet another disturbing vision of her being trapped in the padded room and now must fight to free herself of her addiction.

How she does that is for another blog post.

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