NaNoEdMo, Day 7

It’s day seven of NaNoEdMo, and I find myself losing patience with both this story and the protagonist. Sure I see a bit of myself in Noelle, but the truth is, though, I am happy to say that I am nothing like her. Noelle sounds like the type of person who would gladly shut away the world in order to find enlightenment in her own little world. If the world consists of Dylan Drake, that is.

In fact, I will say that this story is a cautionary tale against becoming so obsessed with something that you forget that the rest of the world exists.

In chapter 6 of “Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer”, Noelle faces a cruel fallout after her fight with Marina, which results in her forgoing lunch and delving even deeper into the world of fanfiction. Plus, Noelle neglects her hunger in favor of fanfiction and her fan club is down to just 29 people.

If that were me, that would be my cue to quit altogether while I still could.

Noelle begins another round of fanfiction stories, this time, her stories seem to get darker in nature. (But I’ll save that for later.)

As quickly as her infamy came, it disappeared in favor of a new TV show. So much for being the #1 Dylan Drake fangirl.

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