NaNoEdMo, Day 6

I’m now on chapter 5 of “Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer” and the story is still falling apart. Noelle describes her lack of a childhood due to her bad decision to obsess over Dylan Drake. So far, she never really watched cartons, never had a secret obsession with a boy bad, and hasn’t been involved with the church since God-Knows-When.

But that all changes when she suddenly “descends into madness”, so to speak. Her best friend is forced to live with relatives, a member of the fan club quits, and she is coerced into joining a Christian play. All three events cause her to sink into a terrible depression, which only fuels her obsession with Dylan Drake.

She also loses sleep and refuses meals, and even neglects her homework. Noelle is sure that her entire life is spiraling downward. But that was nothing compared to the abuse that she receives from Celeste and Marina regarding her interfering in their lives.

So, most addictions don’t just happen overnight; they happen over TIME, especially if the addict in question has been oppressed by others to the point of abuse. And Noelle is a victim of abuse.

I’ll cover that in another blog post.

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