NaNoEdMo, Day 5

Chapter 4 of “Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer” was, admittedly, where the story started to fall apart. Here’s what went on in the chapter so far:

1. Noelle spots Marina Gibney hanging out with three bullies at school.

2. Noelle recalls her auditioning for a classmate’s play, only to be full of doubt.

3. Sunday rolls around, and Noelle goes to church for the first time in nearly nine years. She also has a vision of the future from the Virgin Mary, who warns her to stop obsessing over Dylan Drake or else she would lose everything.

4. Noelle ignores the warning and her family experiences a blackout.

5. Noelle’s best friend Sarah reveals a huge secret about herself. At the same time, Noelle’s cousins Celeste and Michael enroll at the school.

6. Noelle’s club confronts Marina about her decision to quit; Marina drops a huge bombshell that could spell the end of the club for good.

Well, that’s most of the events in Chapter 4, but I really need to figure out where the story is falling apart so I can fix it. But until then, I’m leaving it alone.

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