NaNoEdMo, Day 4

I’m now on chapter 3 of “Confessions of a Fanfiction Writer“, which is the story about an addict (because that is what Noelle is). Noelle is breaking the fourth wall, if you haven’t noticed already.

She tells us her opinions about “The Great Gatsby” and her reaction to the assignment. She also discovers that a member of her club (who is NOT Marina) is telling everyone about a new science fiction series that is quickly sweeping the country. Noelle feels threatened, knowing that the minute she starts reading that series, she would ultimately lose interest in the Silver Stones series for good.

So, she’s doubling her efforts to keep herself interested in Dylan Drake for a bit longer.

Plus, an old friend of hers invites her to do a play based on CharlesDickensA Christmas Carol“, and Noelle cannot say no; not when she is starting to doubt her obsession with Dylan Drake. Noelle vows to keep the fact that she is in a Christian play a secret for various reasons.

Plus, chapter 3 happens on a Friday, and instead of writing another chapter of the fan fiction story she was working on, Noelle finds herself bitterly regretting her decision to even allow herself to be distracted by “other books” and “other activities”. She vows to make sure that she doesn’t mess up, but you know what they say about obsessions…

EDIT: After making necessary corrections, I’m leaving this chapter as is.

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