NaNoEdMo, Day 3

Chapter 2 of this story begins with Noell’s aunt dying of cancer and her cousins Celeste, Michael, and the triplets Katie, Corey, and Jessica come to stay with her. Noelle’s relatives have warned her many times not to be reading “The Silver Stones” and to spend more time doing useful activities, such as spending time reading the Bible, which was something that she refuses to do.

Also, recalling a threat that Celeste had made to her about her involvement in the Dylan Drake fandom, Noelle is forced to strip the entire room clean of anything relating to Dylan Drake. Yet to her sorrow, she realizes that she had spent so much time being involved with the Dylan Drake fandom that she has forgotten how to be a teenager.

Plus, Noelle has an unhealthy fear of growing up.

Anyway, Noelle pulls out old junk that she shoved away an set up her room the same a way that a ten-year-old set up her room. Her family is shocked to see that she emptied her entire room of everything Dylan Drake related, but Celeste is not fooled. She threatens to hurt Noelle if she even finds out about Dylan Drake. (But you already knew it)

Overhearing a phone conversation, Noelle’s friend Sarah has a problematic home life because of an abusive disabled older sister. (That and the fact that Sarah is bullied by almost everyone in the school.) Also, a girl named Marina has quit the Dylan Drake fan club and is hanging out with three students who have a questionable reputation.

With these problems (plus a reference to Monty Python & the Holy Grail), it’s anything but a boring chapter in this story.

EDIT: Well, I didn’t do too much, except for add in a few things, but I mostly left this one as is.

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