NaNoEdMo Begins

Hello, and welcome to this segment that I’m calling NaNoEdMo. This month, I will be spending time editing the stories that I have written for NaNoWriMo, which has grown to be a ton of stories, I think. (For Lent, I’m not writing any new stories until the stories that I have already written are finished and ready for publication; short stories don’t count!)

With that, I’m going to be spending time editing (and possibly rewriting) my 2014 novel “Confessions of a FanFiction Writer“. This story, in case you forgot, is about a girl who is addicted to reading and writing fan fiction of her favorite story, “The Silver Stones“, often to the point of shutting out everything else in life, which includes school, friendships, and even church. Noelle’s obsession with her favorite character, Dylan Drake, causes nothing but trouble for her and other people. Noelle doesn’t seem to notice that her obsession is leading her down a dark path, and with the arrival of her christian cousins (who hate Dylan Drake and believe that magic is evil), the departure of her best friend, and even getting an “F” on a creative writing assignment in her English class (plus a teacher who thinks that fan fiction is nothing more than the junk food of literature), Noelle realizes that she really needs to kick her harmful addiction to the curb.

so, that’s that story. I’ve already criticized this story because of how jumbled and messed up it already was, but now it has to be written all over again for it to make any semblance of sense.

So, in this case, I shall begin the story without any further discussion.

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