Fanfiction Fridays: when to quit reading a fanfic

In this new blog post, I will be talking about when to stop reading a fanfic. There is a huge growing problem of stories that have been written and yet to be finished. I have been among those who have written stuff and never finished, but I swear I will finish those stories soon.

Getting off of me for a second, let’s talk about those stories that you like but will never be finished. You know, the ones that start great but started drag on and drag on and ultimately ended with a cliffhanger. You begin to wonder is the author going to finish that story. When will the story be finished?

Well I have some very very tough news for you folks, it ain’t going to be finished. The author has most likely abandoned the story for many various reasons. Maybe they decided that the story wasn’t worth completing until they abandoned it. Maybe they’re just waiting for inspiration. Whatever the reason is, that story is not completed. It’s dead. There’s no way that it can never be resurrected. So you might as well forget about finishing that story.

If you’re stuck dealing with a story that has been abandoned, take it off your list of favorites immediately and cancel any subscriptions to the story. It’s not worth wasting your time worrying about a story that is not completed when there are other completed stories out there.

So, go clean out your favorites today. In fact do it right now. Your sanity will thank you later on.

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