FanFiction Fridays: When You Are No Longer Part of the Harry Potter Fandom

In this edition of fanfiction Fridays, I am going to talk about a particularly difficult subject, namely what happens when you quit the Harry Potter fandom.

The minute you decide “I am never touching the Harry Potter books again”, something very strange happens. First few minutes, you haven’t even touched the books. Within an hour, you’ve completely forgotten that the books exist. If you’ve been reading Harry Potter fanfiction, 24 hours have gone by and you haven’t even touched it, that means don’t go back to touching it.

One week after you have declared that you are done with the Harry Potter fandom, it’s like you’re no longer part of it anymore. A whole month goes by and you find yourself saying “Harry who?”

That is call Harry Potter withdrawal and it is not a very easy thing to go through, especially if you are a huge fan of Harry Potter.

Of course it’s easier to hate Harry Potter than to love it and leave it, since haters have to continuously defend themselves more than fans do.

So what happens when you’re out of the Harry Potter fandom?

If you’re lucky, everyone around you will be completely understanding, as there are no more Harry Potter books or movies to be made. In fact you might find easily find something else exciting to read.

However, if you have friends who are obsessed with Harry Potter, you’re going to have a hard time seeing as they might not be happy that you don’t like Harry Potter more and they will do everything they can to try to force you to go back into the Harry Potter fandom.

And if that’s the case, then you will have to abandon those friends and find new friends, especially those who don’t know anything about Harry Potter.

I’m not even going to mention how the Harry Potter community is going to react when when one of its own decides to up and leave. It’s like hermit crabs in a bucket; if one tries to get out of the bucket, the other crabs will try to pull him back down.

In other words, the community will do whatever it takes to stop you from leaving.

So don’t be a crab in the bucket, be an adult. Know when to say no and know what to say enough is enough.

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