Serial Saturdays: Episode 7 (rewrite)

In this blog post that I will be talking about how and why I am rewriting episode number 7 of the Teen Rebels.

In this episode, Josie decides to throw away all her old clothes and hold a huge garage sale at the school. She also fights with her mom, who really wishes that Josie would shop at the mall, despite Josie’s unfavorable opinions about people who shop at the mall.

Also, Moira deals with a cruel cousin who is out to ruin her life. But let’s not start.

Also Jacey’s mom went on a Hulk-like rampage following  a rumor of her daughter’s trouble getting-into, plus overhearing a conversation,  it looks it if the evil bully Sheila Baines is in even more trouble the law.

With this rewrite, it’s anything but a normal episode.

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