End of 2014

I know that it’s hard to write this, but it must be written.

It’s time to close the book on 2014.

I don’t know about you, but this year (for me, at least) has been an emotional roller coaster, from my unexpected health and mental issues to my serial novel endeavor. I hope to have the first five episodes of “The Teen Rebels” ready for publication on Smashwords soon.

Anyway, I’m now embarking on a new endeavor, which includes finishing several NaNoWriMo novels, getting “Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel” ready for publication, and getting ready for “Harry Moffer & the Class That Can’t Keep It Together”. Plus, I also plan to write a newsletter detailing my progress, so if you want the newsletter, please comment.


I’ll see you in a few hours.


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