Serial Saturdays: Episode 8

I’m now on Episode 8 of “The Teen Rebels”, and since 1988 was a leap year, the school throws a party to celebrate. Josie, Seth, Moira, and Trixie are (once again) caught up in the moment. But this time, Seth and Moira unknowingly humiliate two girls, meaning that they have been banned from attending the dance. Josie and Trixie have to disguise them in order to sneak them into the dance, but their cover almost gets blown when they see Moira’s ex-boyfriend at the dance. Josie warns everyone that if they continue to obsess over dating (didn’t they cover that in the last two episodes?), nothing good was going to happen to them.

Let’s see if these stubborn kids of Montagne Beach Middle School will learn their lesson.

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