Remember That You Have a Keyboard

In all my excitement over learning to writ by voice dictation, i’m forgetting about using the keyboard. That, and I need a new computer microphone.

Anyway, as I’m progressing quickly in my story “The Beginning of the End”, the mystery surrounding the missing girl Tanya Shinnok is quickly falling apart, no thanks to the “real” Tanya exposing a secret that several people in the city of Harrison Creek were trying to keep hidden. Also, the group known as the Upright Students Brigade has appeared out of nowhere and has taken over the school, assigning detentions to students who willfully break the rules and punishing them in humiliating ways. The Teen Rebels had better watch out for them.

Also, the very cruel Katrina Shinnok is going to make her return and wreak some serious havoc upon our heroes. when that will happen, I haven’t decided yet.

Anyway, I’m going to get off this blog and go back to work. See you all soon!


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