Top 10 Tropes That Need to Happen in Fan Fiction

Hello, and welcome to another week of top 10 in fandom. This one promises to be very interesting, if I do say so myself. Unlike the list of tropes about the need to die, I have decided to write a list of things that really need to happen in fanfiction. And besides, we really had enough with the slash fiction, the love triangles, and high school stories to last a lifetime.

Anyway, the top 10 plotlines that need to happen are as follows:

10. Stories that take place in the future (or the past): I say that it would be interesting if we took our favorite characters and send them to the past or the future. What do you think would happen? The answer is up to you.

9. The main character of the story being replaced: Preferably by a doppelganger who is completely different from them.

8. The story takes place in a world that has just been destroyed by war or diseases (or BOTH if that is how you roll): Because nothing is more exciting than living in a broken world.

7. A story that deconstructs the world as we know it and is rearranged in a way that actually makes sense: I’ll see how that one goes.

6. The main character is a person of color: maybe it’s time for the standard white characters to drop dead and the more ethnic characters to take their place in fanfiction (and literature too).

5. The main character is not a teenager, but they are over the age of 18 years or an adult: don’t you wish that adults would take center stage instead of being portrayed as clueless or cruel?

4. The main character has a disability: I will admit that we need more disabled characters and less able-bodied characters.  That way children with disabilities will have a character to look up to.

3. A rewritten version of the story where the main character is seen as the enemy: this will work if the main character is a hero of the original story.

2. A story where the hero fails: they say that failure is not an option, but we must learn that sometimes guess the hero will fail to defeat the villain or fail in his quest.

1. The story contains a character that is a Christian: because Christianity is something that this world needs right now.

Well, that’s all for this list, So I would suggest that you take one of these ideas and incorporate it into a new fanfic. If you find yourself disagreeing with any of the above items for any reason, then let me know in the comments. See you next week for more Top 10 in Fandom!


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