NaNoWriMo 2014 Update: Day 22

Yesterday, I broke over 45,000 words, meaning that I officially have 5,000 words left to write.

At this point, I’m feeling exhausted and almost burned out.

But that’s not this post.

I just found out that this story takes place in November of 2011, and I had skipped over an entire week in that story. I wonder how *that* could have happened, since I’m usually so diligent about keeping up with the story’s timeline. (Plus, I kind of forgotten that November 11 is Veterans Day and schools are supposed to be closed since it’s a federal holiday.) That’s why there’s editing and revision.

But that won’t be until March 2015, when I have the time and energy to edit this monster that I made.

Rigt now in that story, Noelle is horrified to discover that she and some of her classmates had been the subject of real person fiction (which is just as bad as fanfiction, if not worse). Plus, Noelle learns a very difficult lesson when her English teacher discovers that she had turned in a fanfic instead of the assignment and is told to rewrite the assignment.

Well, looks like yet another blow for this fanfiction writer. Who knows what’s going to happen to her next.

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