NaNoWriMo 2014 Update: Day 18

I’m now on chapter 7 and am officially halfway through the story, if not more. This time, Noelle’s behavior takes a strange turn, as she now has to deal with not only the characters from her favorite story coming to life, but an alternate version of herself, who undoubtedly disrupts her life.

You have to wonder what is going on with that girl and her bizarre fantasies.

Anyway, Noelle is warned that whenever she writes fan fiction about “The Silver Stones“, she is unknowingly stealing from the author and twisting up the story just to suit her own purposes. In fact, Dylan himself claims that “fan fiction is nothing more than playing with someone else’s toys, because you’re too dumb to play with your own toys. You seem to forget that when you are finished playing, it remains someone else’s toys.” (OK, someone else said these infamous words, but the concept is still the same. Fan fiction is just playing with someone else’s toys.)

I’ll be dealing with that part later on.

Anyway, with Noelle holding a conversation with her alternate self (the self that have never read “The Silver Stones” series) and a confrontation with her cousin that suddenly turned violent, she is quickly sliding down a very slippery slope towards total and incurable insanity. I really need to get her out of that pit and quickly, or else I won’t be able to give the story its realistic ending.

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