NaNoWriMo 2014 Updates: Day 14

I am now at the part of the story where Noelle is going mad.

I already know that I’m basing this story from my own experiences, but I never had the type of problems that Noelle had. My parents never pulled me out of church over a controversial sermon, no one ever screamed at me and pushed me down, and even my friends were pretty cool.

But why do I constantly torment my protagonist so much with these cruel and unusual situations?

Well, we need a reason why she is losing herself in the world of fan fiction, don’t we? And also, if a person doesn’t have any issues in their lives, they would be a very dull person indeed.

So, why is Noelle into fan fiction if she doesn’t have any mental problems?

Here’s how the chapter is going so far:

Noelle’s best friend Sarah is sent away (due to her being bullied and beaten up by her sister), a member of the Dylan Drake Devotees quits the club, and Noelle’s cousin Celeste is basically being a verbally abusive witch. And that’s only half the story.

The second half is Noelle hearing the voice of Virgin Mary in her head telling her that she really needs to kick her obsession with Dylan Drake to the curb or else she and her family will suffer from a terrible fate. That and a Christian classmate tricks her into starring in a play that addresses the very issue of magic and witchcraft.

I wonder how long can I torment Noelle until she breaks, as she will eventually in this story.

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