NaNoWriMo 2014 Update: Day 11

It’s Veteran’s Day all across the USA. Have you thanked your local veteran yet?

Anyway, I’m working away on chapter 4 of the story, hoping to catch up to my word count. Hopefully by the 13th of this month, I will have written 25,000 words in the novel. But then I have to remind myself that it’s NaNoWriMo, NOT NaNoWri-half the month.

As for Noelle, she has an interesting chat with a statue of the Virgin Mary inside the church; the statue is angry with her for her obsession with Dylan Drake and orders her to repent or be punished. (I’m not inserting any religious overtones into the story, but I’m putting this in here so that Noelle can have someone confront her about her bad habits. After all, this is a confession of a fan fiction writer.)

Also, Noelle’s fan fiction account has a strike against it and she becomes an unfortunate victim in an online spam/flame war. she and several other authors had to have their accounts blocked to the general internet public after spammers tried (and failed) to destroy their profiles. (I’ll get back to that later on.)

So there, s that. Look for the rest of the story to happen tomorrow.

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